The Karizma Dining Room Modern is both functional and modern, yet hints back to a classical time in the darkness of the wood and the doric lines around the cabinets and backs of chairs.

It offers a clever blend of the elegant and the comfortable, making enough of a statement to give a room character but sufficiently adaptable to fit into any space, both urban and rural. Because of its versatility it has been one of Tepe Home’s most popular sellers for many years. The walnut veneer surfaces receive high praise from consumers thanks to their looks and durability. The set includes a buffet table, a glass cabinet, tables and a collection of padded chairs which come in a wide range of fabrics.
The Karizma Bedroom - Classical is, as the name suggests, quintessentially classical. The dark walnut veneer, rich in tone, is both dramatic and sleek. The dresser, bedside tables and chest of drawers are complimented by elaborate lace-like handles, exuding an air of the aristocratic without being overstated.

A simple collection, yet no less attractive for being so.