Bilkent Holding

Bilkent Holding

Bilkent Holding at a Glance 

Bilkent Holding, with foundations laid by Prof Dr. İhsan Doğramacı, began operating in the construction industry in 1968. In less than 50 years, Bilkent Holding extended its operations, growing into a major player in the construction and construction materials industries, furniture production and retail, the printing house industry, defence and security, fitness, insurance, tourism, energy, real estate, service industries, airport management and maritime transport.

As a social responsibility project in its own respect, Bilkent Holding stands apart from others in the sector; all funds earned by the Holding and its companies are passed on to Bilkent University to enable more students to receive scholarships for a contemporary education. 

Vision and Mission

The vision set forth by Bilkent Holding is to ensure that Bilkent Holding and its companies:
Vision and Mission Become global names by achieving the “best performance” in every industry in which they operate; and,
-Contribute towards a more sustainable future of the planet by adopting the indispensable principle of respect for humans and the environment.

The mission of Bilkent Holding is:
- To make Bilkent University one of the most prominent educational institutions in the world by transferring all its resources to the University that it gains through its endeavors by using a contemporary, reliable, competitive and dynamic management approach.

Contracting and Projects Group

We perform the first in construction, printing and defence industries.

• Tepe Construction
• Tepe Prefabrik
• Meteksan Defence
• Meteksan Printing

Retail and Tourism Group

With professional and perfectionist production we are carrying a complete service concept all over the country.

• Tepe Home Furniture and Decoration
• Tepe Betopan
• Sports International
• Bilintur
• Bilkent Reinsurance and Stockbrokerage

Real Estate Management

We always create ideal spaces for daily life.

• Tepe Real Estate Investment
• Ankara Technology and Development Center


Shared Services Group

We serve to Bilkent Holding and its companies within the framework of efficiency and high quality service.

• Bilbak
• Tepe Health and Safety
• Bilkent Energy Production

Corporate Services Group

Experienced staff and producing solutions for the needs of the customer satisfaction we aim to create innovative brands.

• Tepe Defence
• Tepe Services & Facility Management
• Tepe Security
• Bilintur Catering Centre


Our growth continues with the undertakings of our stakeholders who are experts in their respective fields.

• TAV Airports
• TAV Investment
• İstanbul Sea Buses
• Travelex Turkey