The Barcelona sofa set has been designed with modern loft-type homes in mind.

Because of its expansive size, it is perfectly suited to large families or groups of people. Being that it is modular it can be configured to suit any number of spaces.


The back parts and the arms of the sofa can be folded and thus employed in an upright or horizontal position.



The sofa can either be configured in a linear or L-shaped pattern, thanks to a corner armchair.


Thanks to the wide cushions and low arms, the Barcelona sofa engenders a feeling of openness and freedom, helping to enhance the loft-like experience. The sofa is brilliantly complimented by a contrasting armchair upholstered in a patterned earth-toned fabric.


Article- NrModelENGenişlik/
Breite (cm)
Tiefe (cm)
Höhe (cm)
Gewicht (kg)
Cbm- m³/
20'' Cont.40*HC Cont.Tır/
Truck/ LKW 
BRC01KLBARCELONACorner Sofa-Wide14214265/9552,00 Kg.s0,139 m³216468590
BRC09KLBARCELONACorner Sofa-Narrow10410465/9542,50 Kg.s0,697 m³4393118
BRC04KLBARCELONASectional Sofa, w/o Arm14010465/9562,00 Kg.s0,980 m³316684
BRC08KLBARCELONASectional Armchair-Wide w/o Arm9510465/9537,50 Kg.s0,690 m³4394119
BRC07KLBARCELONASectional Armchair-Narrow w/o Arm7010465/9532,50 Kg.s0,497 m³60131165
BRC05KLBARCELONAChaise, with Right-Arm10816765/9570,50 Kg.s0,427 m³70152192
BRC06KLBARCELONAChaise, with Left-Arm10816765/9570,50 Kg.s0,427 m³70152192
BRC05KOBARCELONARight Arm3610451/7124,00 Kg.s0,255 m³118255322
BRC06KOBARCELONALeft Arm3610451/7124,00 Kg.s0,255 m³118255322
BRC01PFBARCELONAOttoman1021024228,00 Kg.s0,650 m³46100126